It is with deepest sadness that we inform of the passing of professor Nikolai Vavilov on September 14, 2023.

General information

The goal of the conference AGFR is to discuss recent progress in the structure theory of linear algebraic groups with applications to related problems of representation theory, finite group theory, asymptotic group theory, word maps, Kac-Moody theory, theory of Chevalley groups and the like. These subjects reflect the wide range of interests of Professor Nikolai Vavilov, and the main objective of the meeting is to study current developments in this broad area and to outline the new perspectives of the scientific collaboration.

We plan five working days, each day containing plenary talks and a limited number of contributed talks.

List of confirmed invited speakers

  • I. Arzhantsev (HSE University)
  • А. Borovik (University of Manchester)
  • P. Gille (Institut Camille Jordan)
  • N. Gordeev (Herzen Pedagogical University)
  • I. Frenkel (Yale University)
  • R. Hazrat (Western Sydney University)
  • A. Lubotzky (Weizmann Institute)
  • O. Mathieu (University of Lyon)
  • J. Morita (Tsukuba University)
  • А. Myasnikov (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  • I. Panin (PDMI RAS)
  • V. Petrov (SPbU)
  • V. Popov (MI RAS)
  • A. Rapinchuk (University of Virginia)
  • S. Sinchuk (SPbU)
  • A. Stepanov (SPbU)
  • A. Vershik (PDMI RAS)
  • М. Vsemirnov (PDMI RAS)
  • А. Zalesskii (National Academy of Belarus)

1952 — 2023